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Who we are and what we do is summed up in one word: RETAIL. From strategy and marketing to merchandising and buying, our team of retail consultants has the expertise to help our client to build a winning business. Our team has over 25 years of experience in retail business and working in them.

In addition, we have also served as top executives and marketers for major brands. We are veterans who, most importantly, have a passion for retail marketing!

Retail Marketing brand reps, our hand picked people, are immersed in the brand they represent. In daily roles they actively demonstrate products and are targeted with clear KPI’s to drive the sales of products to consumers.

Brands looking to actively promote or demonstrate a product in retail or the B2B market seek our help to deliver incremental sales. We adopt a fully integrated online-to-offline (O2O) strategy when deriving solutions for our clients, and have a comprehensive mobile application platform that enables brands to pull customers effectively from online to their physical stores.

We're passionate about achieving better results for our clients

We have spent years developing our direct sales training program and have a talent pool of experienced, results driven individuals focused on not only the sale, but also on creating a genuine brand experience!

Keeping our sales teams motivated every day, we operate a team leader structure on a ratio of 1:10. Our team leaders are not office based, they are out and about making store visits, providing coaching and support on the shop floor, ensuring the local store management are happy and engaged with the work we are doing.